Students and teacher at rocky bayou Christian schoolAt Rocky Bayou Christian School, we believe that a Christ-centered approach is necessary to the development and understanding of all academic subjects.  When students learn who they are in Christ and what is expected of them, they can truly develop a Biblical worldview and fulfill God’s calling in their lives.  RBCS uses a variety of Christian curriculum tools to ensure that a complete worldview is achieved for each and every student. Teachers are able to instruct with differentiated learning in mind. The goal upon graduation is for every student to achieve the Portrait of a Graduate.


Kindergarten and Elementary

Our Kindergarten and Elementary curriculum is carefully chosen to best reflect our Christian values and academic excellence.  Using a mixture of A Beka, Bob Jones University Press, Saxon Math and Singapore Math, our teachers are able to communicate God’s plans and purposes in every class. All RBCS elementary students will have a daily exposure to Barnell-Loft. These are critical thinking exercises to assist with the crucial development of reading comprehension.  With this method, students will achieve a deeper understanding of what they read and how to apply it which enhances their learning experience in every subject. Our Bible curriculum incorporates all of the resources listed below. The curriculum is able to layer the truth of God’s Word with historical evidence, scientific examples, maps, songs, and interactive tools that make Bible time relevant and age appropriate. By 6th grade, all students will have walked through the Bible twice with an emphasis on scripture memory and application. Curriculum choices are reevaluated yearly to ensure Rocky is offering your student the best and most comprehensive education available.

These are a few examples of the elementary Bible curriculum we use.

  • ESV Study Bible
  • ESV Study Bible online resources
  • DK Illustrated Family Bible
  • A Knight’s Faith and Worship Bible Curriculum
  • Treasures Old and New Scripture Guide