A STEM activity day is scheduled each semester. Our curriculum puts an emphasis on hands on activities. Our teachers have many classroom projects throughout the year that require problem solving, creativity, and collaborative work. K5 students also get to experience the power of serving by traveling to nursing homes to sing and distribute gifts. Field […]

Research studies support the belief that unstructured playtime for children has a positive impact on increased test scores. Playtime helps develop creativity and problem solving skills. K5 students will receive at least one hour of playtime every day.

Instruction is delivered in a small student/teacher ration which provides more mediation that state schools on a daily basis. Our K5 Math average is in the 80th percentile according to national standards.

K5 graduates are reading short vowel words with fluency, long vowel words that have the two-vowel phonics rule, and the knowledge of about 60-100 sight words. Teachers expose students to compound words and words with suffixes. Strategies are used to introduce students to the two main components of reading: decoding and comprehension. Our reading average […]