Selecting a kindergarten program is an important responsibility.  Every parent desires to place their student in an environment that will enable them to grow to their God-given potential.  Here are some areas to consider as you make this decision: Will your child be taught your values and worldview?  Any educational entity will pass on many […]

The kindergarten year will bring many new experiences for your child. At RBCS, each classroom will have a lead teacher, as well as a teaching assistant.  Classrooms can have up to 18 students in each class which is a 9:1 teacher/student ratio. Each day your child will have Bible, math, phonics, and reading instruction.  We […]

Parents desire to do all they can to make sure their child is prepared for kindergarten.  A successful year in Kindergarten lays the foundation for all future learning.  It is vital to help facilitate a positive experience that enables the child to grow to their God-given potential. Above all, it is important to pray for […]

All children learn at their own unique pace and ability level.  They also display that knowledge in multiple ways.  As a parent, there are some basic developmental areas that should be evaluated to assess if your child is prepared for Kindergarten.  Mastery of these concepts or skills are not required.  If your child is making […]