How can I tell if my child is ready for Kindergarten?

All children learn at their own unique pace and ability level.  They also display that knowledge in multiple ways.  As a parent, there are some basic developmental areas that should be evaluated to assess if your child is prepared for Kindergarten.  Mastery of these concepts or skills are not required.  If your child is making steady progress in the following areas then these are positive indicators that they will have a successful kindergarten year.

Social Skills:

  • Follows simple 1 and/or 2 step instructions;
  • Can work and play cooperatively in small groups with other children;
  • Asks for help and self-advocates;
  • Has independent bathroom habits.

Pre-Reading Skills:

  • Can name most uppercase letters and some lower case letters;
  • Able to identify some letter sounds;
  • Can identify some/all letters in their name;
  • Enjoys listening to adults read books.

Pre-Math Skills:

  • Able to count up to 10 objects with some accuracy;
  • Can count orally up to 29 or higher;
  • Can recognize some numbers to 10;
  • Is developing a sense of more/less.

Fine Motor Skills:

  • Cuts with scissors with some proficiency;
  • Can hold and use a crayon, pencil or marker with correct grip technique;
  • Writes some letters or numbers that are somewhat legible;
  • Attempts to write legibly their own name.
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