What can I do to prepare my child for Kindergarten?

Parents desire to do all they can to make sure their child is prepared for kindergarten.  A successful year in Kindergarten lays the foundation for all future learning.  It is vital to help facilitate a positive experience that enables the child to grow to their God-given potential. Above all, it is important to pray for God to give you guidance as you shepherd your child and make decisions about school placement for the upcoming year.  Here are some activities that will help prepare your child for Kindergarten:

  • Teach your child simple Bible verses to begin to “hide God’s word” in your child’s heart.
  • Read daily to your child and discuss each story as you read.
  • Encourage verbal communication with your child.  By purposely talking with your child and encouraging eye contact throughout the day, you are modeling sentence formation and expanding their vocabulary and schema.
  • Encourage un-directed, pretend play to build creativity.
  • Encourage independence in daily tasks such as getting dressed, cleaning up toys, etc.
  • Limit your child’s technology time.  Technology has many positive advantages, but children need plenty of real-life experiences to build their understanding of God’s world.
  • Coach your child concerning how routines, friends, and teachers may change once they begin kindergarten.  Take the opportunity to positively describe the many wonderful experiences that kindergarten will bring.
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