What can my child expect in Kindergarten?

The kindergarten year will bring many new experiences for your child.

  • At RBCS, each classroom will have a lead teacher, as well as a teaching assistant.  Classrooms can have up to 18 students in each class which is a 9:1 teacher/student ratio.
  • Each day your child will have Bible, math, phonics, and reading instruction.  We do provide differentiated reading instruction to enable students to learn to their potential.
  • Your child will be trained to do independent work, as well as learn in cooperative learning groups.  Learning centers are also a developmentally age appropriate activity that we incorporate into our learning activities.
  • At RBCS, kindergarten students have two recess breaks each day. At this young age, children are still learning through play!  We also have music class twice a week.  Art projects are a special part of our kindergarten year that enable each child to demonstrate their own unique personality.
  • Field trips and special learning days are incorporated into our year to enable hands-on learning and to expand their experiences.  Parents are invited to participate in these special days.
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