What should I look for when choosing a Kindergarten Program?

Selecting a kindergarten program is an important responsibility.  Every parent desires to place their student in an environment that will enable them to grow to their God-given potential.  Here are some areas to consider as you make this decision:

  • Will your child be taught your values and worldview?  Any educational entity will pass on many important facts, along with viewpoints, to your child.  RBCS desires to partner with parents to teach children to develop a biblical worldview.  Through the lens of a biblical worldview your child can see God as the one who created language to speak truth to His children, as the one that is bringing His redemptive purposes throughout history to fruition, as the one who created all things studied in science, and the God who implemented the order of the world that is demonstrated in mathematics.
  • Will your child be safe?  Take a tour of the facilities before enrollment and ask staff about safety procedures.  RBCS believes in having trained staff that can provide for your child’s safety.  In addition to having safety procedures in place, many of our teachers are also CPR certified.
  • What type of discipline policy is in place?  Every parent desires that their child be treated fairly and when discipline is needed, that it is handled carefully.  At RBCS, our staff discipline our students by instructing them in God’s word.  If correction is needed, the child is counseled with scripture.  Parents are informed daily on behavior in the classroom, with both positive and negative behavior concerns.  Communication and trust are key to training a child’s heart that will in turn impact behaviors.
  • Will my child be challenged academically?  As you make your decision, inquire concerning curriculum and teaching techniques that are used.  At RBCS, we utilize Bob Jones Press curriculum for Language Arts in classrooms.  Math in Focus, also known as Singapore Math, is used for math instruction.  We strive to use teaching strategies that are research based and that appeal to many different modalities. Writing in cursive is also introduced as it has been proven to work both sides of the brain at the same time.
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