Why are we here?

We are a Christian school that exists to assist parents in their God-given responsibility to train and develop in their children a biblical worldview, Christian character, and the skills necessary to fulfill God’s calling in their lives.

At present, we have hundreds of students in the wait pool. Every one of those families wants their child to attend a school that will build up their child, help them navigate life, and pour the love of Christ into their lives while they receive a quality education. 

This building will give 250 more students the opportunity to receive a Christian education!

These are 250 more students that will stand firm for what is right. With YOUR help, we are changing the world- one graduate at a time.

Current Projects- High School Classroom Building

RBCS was established in 1973 with 22 students and a handful of teachers. Now, we are preparing to build the first new building in 20 years. This is a very important time in Rocky Bayou Christian School history!

This 20,000 square foot building will include:

  • 8 Classrooms
  • 1 Outdoor Classroom
  • 2 Science Labs
  • 1 state-of-the art STEM Lab
  • 2 Breakout Rooms for study sessions
  • 1 Conference Room
Entrance to the Building

Campaign Progress

Total Goal

Amount Needed

$7.4 million

$1.325 million

Our story begins with HIS story.

  • Biblical Worldview in every class, everyday
  • Roundtable Mentor Groups
  • Leadership Trek raises Champions for Christ
  • Nurturing, Godly environment

3 Options to Give  

Building costs are on the rise. What started as a $5M project is now at $7.4M. We need your help to make this building a reality! Please consider giving today!

1. One Time Gift: Give a one time or monthly gift in any amount. Every gift matters!

2. Make a Pledge: Guess what?!? This is a 3 year campaign. That means you can make a pledge today and give that gift over a three year period exponentially increasing your impact! Email rowneyc@rbcs.org to let us know about your pledge!

3. Buy a Brick: Our donor wall is the focal point of the outdoor classroom which is where learning really becomes exciting. Purchase a brick engraved with your name, icon of choice, and grad year (optional). For only $250, you will help to build this new building and leave your legacy.


“I absolutely love that my children are being fed God’s Word every single day, and are being poured into by Godly teachers and staff that truly care about their spiritual condition.”

“While being at Rocky my child’s confidence level has definitely increased. I do believe that the school is a healthy environment and would encourage any parent to send their children there.”

“We prefer the biblical incorporation into the subjects taught and the variety of resources and extracurricular activities you offer in a Christian atmosphere.”

“We ❤️ you all!!! So thankful for Christian education, for the amazing teachers and staff!”

Future Projects