Area Co-ops for Niceville, Crestview and surrounding areas:

President: Amy Gracia (

Emerald Coast Co-op is a parent led co-op that meets once a week on Tuesday mornings at Coastline Calvary Chapel in Destin. The co-op is electives only for K-6th and for 7th-12th, the co-op offers both core curriculum and electives.  Currently, there are 30 students in the 7th-12th grade. The classes run by semester and there is a small fee per student.  Parents are expected to stay and participate each week.  Students may join this co-op mid-year on a space available basis. In addition to the classes, the co-op often meets for lunches out and field trips.

Local Homeschool Connections:

Homeschool Requirements:

  • Students must be either registered with the county as a homeschooler OR registered under an umbrella program.
  • Homeschool students must be in compliance with annual, standardized testing requirements


Homeschool ResourcesBenefits of Homeschool:

  • Flexibility & convenience
  • The integration of a Biblical worldview
  • Individualized curriculum for each student
  • Family friendly
  • Extra time for extracurricular activities