As a service to local our homeschool community, RBCS offers two time-proven standardized tests that currently fulfill the compliance requirement for county registered students as well as the RBCS Umbrella Program requirement.  Students do not need to be in an RBCS Homeschool Assistance Program to take these tests. Once submitted to parents, test scores will be kept on file in the Homeschool Assistance Program office for a period of 6 months for students not in an RBCS umbrella program.

California Achievement Test (CAT)
This test is offered in a group setting at regular intervals during the spring and summer. Individualized testing is available by appointment. The CAT is a 3-4 hour test that covers core subjects only:

  • Mathematics (computation, concepts & problems)
  • Language Arts (mechanics, usage & structure, spelling)
  • Reading (vocabulary and comprehension)

California Achievement Test (CAT) Fees & Registration Form

Stanford Achievement Test (SAT) with OLSAT
This is a group test offered once annually in the spring for a $100 testing fee. It is a 2 morning test that covers several subject areas and includes the OLSAT (Otis-Lennon School Ability Test) which is an aptitude test. No individualized testing is available for this test.  (Please note:  this is not the same as the College Board SAT college entrance exam.  Please go to for that non-RBCS affiliated test information.)

The subject areas covered by the Stanford Achievement Test are:

  • Mathematics
  • Language (mechanics and expression)
  • Reading (vocabulary and comprehension)
  • Spelling
  • Science
  • Social Science
  • Thinking skills
  • OLSAT score (verbal and non-verbal)