At Rocky Bayou Christian School, we believe in assisting parents to provide the best Christian education possible.  That is exactly why we have chosen to provide Homeschool Assistance Programs. This partnership includes opportunities for families who choose to educate their students outside of the traditional classroom setting.  We respect each family’s decision and stand ready to assist in any way we can.  RBCS has two categories of homeschool programs to ensure we can meet your needs: Umbrella Program and Participation Only Program.

Once enrolled in one of the two RBCS Homeschool Assistance Programs, academic opportunities are available on a space available basis.  Elementary students (K-6th) may purchase consecutive 3 hour blocks in an RBCS classroom.  In the Academy, 7th-12th grade students may purchase individual classes.  Educational Therapy may also be purchased.  Online Academy options are available to students in grades 3-12. All classes are taught from a Biblical Worldview.

In addition to Academic offerings, students in our Homeschool Assistance Programs have access to many of our Student Life activities including drama productions, athletics, and clubs – all of which maintain Christian discipleship as the primary focus.

For more information or a tuition quote, please set up an appointment with Patty Barber, the Director of Homeschool Assistance Programs, or email

Returning Homeschool Students that participated in either of the RBCS Homeschool Programs for the 2018-2019 school year may fill out a 2019-2020 Returning Homeschool Student Reenrollment HERE.

Homeschool Program Options