Registration for Summer Programs 2020 will open March 1st.

Choosing RBCS Summer Programs means knowing that professional, caring, and Godly staff will be investing in your child.  We will take the time to get to know your child and be attentive to those that may need extra attention.

A Message from Steve Byrd, RBCS Summer Programs Director

Welcome to RBCS Summer Programs!  As a parent, I understand that finding great summer activities for your child can be a challenge.  As you prioritize your child’s summer activities, ask yourself these questions. Does this activity fit with our family’s Biblical worldview? What will my child gain from this experience?  Will we see a return on our investment?  Will my child have fun? At RBCS Summer Programs, you will be able to answer Yes! to all of these questions.

Our mission is to provide your child with a safe, nurturing environment that will encourage your child to grow in their faith.  We want your child to learn new skills, have unique opportunities, and make new friends.  We want you to see the value of investing in us as we invest in your child.  We want your child to have FUN!

We are here to answer any questions you have.  Feel free to contact us at