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Rocky Bayou Christian School desires to assist parents in providing the best Christian education possible and part of that process is seeking accreditation and affiliation with state and national organizations that exemplify excellence in education. Accreditation is a set of predetermined quality standards set by a governing agency. The accredited Christian school must submit to site visits by the governing agency. RBCS is accredited by three separate endorsing agencies.


Every five years each FACCS accredited school undergoes a review of the school improvement plan. In the fifth year of every accreditation cycle, educational experts and representatives from the organization itself and from a number of FACCS endorsed schools visit RBCS to examine personnel, curriculum, programs, and operations. This is a rigorous assessment with standards that many schools are unable to meet. RBCS has received very high marks during those visits, thus meeting, and in many areas exceeding, the accreditation standards. Graduation from a school that has met the accreditation standards provides those students with increased chances of acceptance into top universities. In addition, our online program provides long-distance students the opportunity to graduate from an accredited Christian school.


All full-time teachers, K5 through 12, have a minimum of a BA/BS degree; earned from a reputable conventional college, or specialist credentials, that qualify them to teach the assigned subjects, and maintain required FACCS certifications in fields of their proficiency, or have qualified for a waiver.

In accord with the Florida Ethics in Education Act, all employees of Rocky Bayou Christian School have a duty to report all suspected or actual cases of child abuse, abandonment, or neglect; have immunity from liability if they report such cases in good faith and have a duty to comply with child protective investigations. There is a legal penalty for not reporting suspected or alleged child abuse or alleged misconduct by instructional personnel or school administrators. The Florida Abuse Hotline is 1.800.962.2873. The RBCS contact is Mrs. Iris Schipper.