Rocky Bayou Christian School’s Knights Summer Prep Academy is intended to give students an opportunity to accelerate their learning by taking courses during the summer term. Students receive Christ-centered curriculum with a Biblical worldview.

The Fast Track program allows for greater flexibility with the Fall schedule by allowing for a study hall or an extra class.

For more information, please contact the Academy Guidance Office, Julie Mosley (, or the Academy Assistant Principal, Joe Quilit ( Students must meet with the guidance office to discuss their options prior to registering and receive approval from the principal.


What is Knights Summer Prep Academy? A Fast Track program designed for students who want to get ahead. Students enroll in semester or full year courses (HS credits awarded; MS grades recorded- this counts!) These courses have an impact on your report card, transcript, and GPA.

What classes are offered? See below for a full listing of courses. Fast Track offerings are subject to Principal approval in coordination with the student’s Diploma track.

When and where will the classes be held? Fast Track classes are online during the summer, June 12th – July 28th. These classes are accessible through any web browser. Extensions will NOT be available.

Will this interfere with other RBCS summer activities? No, these are online classes that can be completed at your pace. Please contact us with specific inquiries.

Do these classes count on my transcript? Yes; all Fast Track classes will be graded and recorded exactly as they are in the regular school year.

Can homeschoolers participate? Yes! Homeschoolers in our Umbrella and Participation programs are welcome and encouraged to participate in the program. Registration for the programs will be the same as with full time students.

How will this affect my child’s fall class schedule? Participants in the Fast Track program will meet with their counselor to determine the best options for the fall schedule. Typically, students replace their Fast Track class(es) with a study hall or another elective.

Can I use Fast Track to “jump ahead”? Potentially. Some classes will allow acceleration of the schedule or a jump in your track. For example, students working on an honors diploma may take courses needed to fulfill the additional requirements. THIS IS SUBJECT TO PRINCIPAL APPROVAL. Contact your Principal for more information.

What is the refund policy? Refunds for the Fast Track will be offered during the first week of enrollment only. Students enrolled in Fast Track classes may request the class to be converted to an “Audit” at any time (no partial refunds) and will not receive a ‘withdraw/fail’ on their record; they will simply need to take the class in the fall.


We are offering both honor and regular courses; however, online courses may only be assigned in accordance with the designated diploma tracks. Honor courses require additional projects, while non-honor courses may have limited or no additional projects. No credit will be awarded to middle school students for any high school course with the exception of Algebra I. (* Denotes high school courses that meet RBCS graduation requirements, but do not qualify for Bright Futures.)

Courses listed are designed for a full year (except as noted). Middle School courses are designated as regular (non-honor) courses.


6th Grade Math6th Grade Language Arts
7th Grade Math7th Grade Language Arts
8th Grade Math (Pre-Algebra)8th Grade Language Arts
Algebra IEnglish I (honor only)
GeometryEnglish II (honor only)
Algebra IIEnglish III (honor only)
Pre-Calculus (Honor only)English IV (honor only)
Trigonometry (½ cr, Honor only)American Literature (honor only)
British Literature (honor only)
6th Grade ScienceHISTORY & GEOGRAPHY
7th Grade – Life Science6th Grade History & Geography
8th Grade – Earth Science7th Grade History & Geography
Physical Science8th Grade History & Geography
Earth Science (non-honors only)World Geography (honor only)
World History (honor only)
FOREIGN LANGUAGEAmerican History (honor only)
French I (honor only)US Government (½ cr) (honor only)
French II (honor only)Economics w/Fin Lit (½ cr) (honor only)
Spanish I (honor only)*Contemporary History (½ cr, honor only)
Spanish II (honor only)*Florida State History (½ cr, honor only)
Spanish III (honor only*Vietnam Era (½ cr, honor only)

ELECTIVES (½ credit, non-honor courses)

*HS Physical Education*Digital Arts
*HS Health*Music Appreciation
*HS Physical Fitness*Music Theory
*ACT Test Prep