We love our military families!

Located in the heart of a military community, we are familiar with the challenges that come with the transition of schools and parent deployments. At Rocky Bayou Christian School, we can guarantee that your child will receive a Biblical worldview, be immersed in a safe/nurturing environment and receive an education that meets your child where they are. RBCS is a family that provides excellence in education while focusing on the healthy development of the whole child.

We offer a military transition program to make the change your family is experiencing as easy as possible. Upon acceptance, your child will:

  • Meet with our Military Liaison. This staff member will carefully guide your child through the process of entering a new school and walk alongside them to ensure their success. They will also check in with them during parent deployments.
  • Participate in our student-led transition program. This program partners a current student with the transitioning student and helps ease the reluctance that comes with enrolling in a new school.
  • Be given a list of resources that will help them be successful in their educational journey.


College Preparation, Grants, and Scholarships

Academic Planning and Student Services

Transition Planning

Military Recognition

We recognize our military at a variety of events throughout the year to include: See You at The Pole, Veterans Day, and Memorial Day.