Tuition Assistance

The RBCS Tuition Assistance program exists to provide Christian families a quality Christian education. We desire a proper balance between the cost of educating a student in this community while, at the same time, remaining sensitive to the real needs of Christian families whose income cannot support the full cost of quality Christian education. Because the need for financial aid is much greater than the funds available, it is best to apply early.

In order to be eligible for assistance, you must apply annually. Deadlines may apply.

Tuition Assistance Process

New students must have an active application and be in the Admission Process while applying for aid.  Families may apply for Tuition Assistance at the same time they are applying for admittance to RBCS. Tuition Assistance decisions are only made after a student has completed the enrollment process, including a family interview, and been accepted.

Reenrolling families are given priority if they apply by June 1st. If a reenrolling family submits an aid request after that date, the aid request may be denied or a lower amount than requested may be awarded due the availability of funds.

The Process:

1. Enroll your student(s). This includes payment of enrollment fees.

2. Complete the Financial Aid Application. 

Financial Aid Application 2019-2020

3. Complete the FACTS Grant & Aid Application at There is a $35 FACTS fee associated with this application per family.

4. Submit the Pastoral Reference form. Parents must regularly attend and be a member of a local Christian, Trinitarian church to be eligible for RBCS aid

5. Apply for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship at This approval process can take 2-6 weeks. (If your student is on a McKay or Gardiner Scholarship, you may skip this step.)

Ministerial Application

The ministerial discount is available to vocational ministers. The minister does not necessarily have to be a senior pastor, but may fill full-time roles such as associate pastor, youth pastor, children’s pastor, missionary, etc.

This tuition discount is offered in recognition of those men and women in a full-time vocational Trinitarian ministry who work to advance the Kingdom of God. RBCS provides this scholarship to enable such persons to obtain a Christian education for their children..


In addition to RBCS Tuition Assistance, there are several other scholarships your family may be eligible for. More information can be found on each of these options, below.

SUFS’s Florida Tax Credit Scholarship

The Step Up for Student’s Florida Tax Credit Scholarship is an external, income-based scholarship program for which RBCS is a participating school. Applications must be made online, annually, at All reenrolling families must apply for the FTC Scholarship by January 31, 2019. Beginning February 1st, SUFS will accept applications from new families. This process can take 4-6 weeks to complete.

SUFS has offered scholarships to any qualified student that a participating school wants to admit. To qualify: (1.) Students may be entering K5 through 12th grade. Students entering K5 must be 5 on or before Sept. 1 and students entering 1st grade must be 6 on or before Sept. 1. (2.)  The household must meet certain income requirements (see SUFS website for income guidelines at Scholarships are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis, giving priority to renewal families. Deadlines  apply each school year for families both re-enrolling and applying for the first time for the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship. These deadlines are listed on the website.

Florida Tax Credit FAQ’s:


John M. McKay Scholarship for Students with Disabilities

A student must be categorized as an ESE student for at least two state payment periods (Nov. and Feb.). Most ESE students who attended public school during the previous year are eligible for this scholarship (tuition voucher).

Applications can be found at

There are four enrollment deadline dates that must be met both by the parent and the school. If the first deadline is met, you will receive 100% of the McKay funding amount, second date 75%, third date 50%, and fourth date 25%. Please refer to the web address above for deadline dates.



SUF’s Gardiner Scholarship (PLSA)

Students in K5 through 12th grade with one of the following disabilities may qualify: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down Syndrome, Prader-Willi Syndrome, Spina Bifida, Williams Syndrome or Intellectual Disability (severe cognitive impairment). Student will need either an Individual Education Plan (IEP) from a Florida school district or a formal diagnosis from a licensed physician or psychologist. To qualify:  (1.) Students entering K5 through 12th grade may apply. Students entering K5 must be 5 on or before Sept. 1 and students entering 1st grade must be 6 on or before Sept. 1, (2.) Students may not receive any other state-sponsored scholarship (McKay or FL Tax Credit Scholarship through SUFS). Applications must be completed online at There is no application fee for the Gardiner Scholarship (previously known as PLSA). Award letters must be turned in to the RBCS Business Office immediately upon receipt.

Gardiner (PLSA) Scholarship FAQs: