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Why Rocky?


The mission of Rocky Bayou Christian School is a recognition of the value and responsibility God has placed on parents for the education of their children.  At our school, we know that if we have a great relationship with parents, students will naturally benefit. 

We are confident that we are the best choice for families who desire a consistent and cohesive message from home, church, and school in a combined effort to produce adults who understand their identity in Christ and are prepared to live lives devoted to His calling.


If your family desires a partnership between Christian education at Rocky Bayou Christian school, the Christian church, and your Christian home, if the prospective student desires to thrive in a close-knit Christian environment, and if the family desires a personalized academic experience based on the individual student’s abilities, then prospective parents should review the information presented here and proceed according to the application and admission process.

From the moment you step on campus, you should expect a high level of personalized customer service, with a focus on listening to how we can assist you and how we can meet needs if possible. 

Families are expected to uphold our MissionVisionStatement of Faith, and Philosophy of Christian Education.  We will also introduce our Parental Agreement and Student Conduct Agreement at your Family Interview.  Once you are enrolled you will have access to the School Manual related to your student’s grade.

Students should expect to work hard while at RBCS, each at their own level of aptitude.  Students will develop relationships with adults and peers on campus that will nurture and grow their spiritual walks. 

Biblical principles will be the foundation of everything taught at our school.  Opportunities to develop into the whole person God has created abound at Rocky, and students are expected to take advantage of those that interest them.  Students will uphold the standards of the school, respect others, behave admirably, and exhibit Christian character in all aspects of their lives.

Above all, you should expect an atmosphere of mutual respect and service as we work together to give your student the best spiritual and academic foundation for life.


We teach a biblical worldview in every class, every day.  This means a focus on who God is, who your student is according to God’s Word, and how your student fits into God’s plan for their life.

All our employees are professing Christians who faithfully attend the Trinitarian church of their choice.  Employees must have their own children enrolled in Rocky on campus or online.

We offer personal attention with nurturing teachers, small student/teacher ratios, Academy small group Roundtables, and a family friendly atmosphere.

Your student can start their education with us as early as age 3 and stay as late as age 22 on one campus, fostering a feeling of belonging for an all-encompassing academic and spiritual experience.

We believe that physical activity is important, so our younger students receive an average of 2 unstructured outside play times per day, while our older Elementary student enjoy PE every day and recess too.  Intramural, JV, and Varsity sports are popular ways to stay active and compete.

Music, Art, and Computer Skills are offered each school week, so students can creatively use the gifts God has given them.

We use an online database management system that gives parents 24/7 access to homework, grades, announcements, and communication options so you have the information you need when you need it.

We currently offer 6 different Tuition Assistance opportunities to help offset costs, including an in-house option.

Students educated at Rocky can be anywhere from 2-3 grade levels ahead of their peers, to those who have needs that can’t be met in a traditional classroom setting, as well as therapies during the day so your nights and weekends are more relaxed.  Your student can connect with many different kinds of individuals with special ability levels and unique giftings.

Our academic standards speak for themselves, with our graduates earning on average around $60,000.00 in college scholarship opportunities over decades of tracking results.

Our Concierge College Counseling means that your family gets one-on-one attention so you can feel prepared and equipped to navigate applying to the Universities, trade schools, or post high school transitions programs that fit your student best.

Our Homeschool and Rocky Online Departments are flexible opportunities offering adaptable alternatives to a standard school setting.

Accreditation means we are accountable to outside organizations that monitor and approve everything from teacher credentials to school security to curriculum and class size.  RBCS is accredited from Kindergarten through 12th grade.

Rocky is non-denominational and answers to a Board of Directors from area churches, so we encourage everyone from any Trinitarian denomination to come explore the like-minded community of believers we are pleased to serve.


Our Portrait of a Graduate is the ideal of what we hope every student achieves when they leave RBCS.  Curriculum, Bible classes, faculty and staff, culture, and activities are all geared to help your individual student develop fully into the unique, purpose-filled adult God has intended.

Rocky Bayou Christian School is a K-3 through 12th grade college preparatory Christian school with campuses in Niceville and Crestview offering traditional, special services, online academy and homeschool programs. RBCS is accredited through the Florida Association of Christian Colleges and Schools (FACCS) and is committed to equipping generations to use their God-given abilities as Champions for Christ. RBCS does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national and ethnic origin in any of its programs.