Building leaders at RBCS begins very early in our student’s education. Even students as young as Kindergarten are given responsibilities in the classroom to assist with daily activities to develop a sense of responsibility and who they are in Christ.

Student Government

In 5th and 6th grades, students have a chance to participate in Student Government.  Then in 7th and 8th grade, they have the option to participate in Middle School Student Government and be discipled by upper class leaders in Leadership Trek and 9th-12th SGA.  Student Government at Rocky is comprised of a Head Prefect and six other prefects, each responsible for a committee.  A faculty or staff member will mentor each prefect, allowing for a unique opportunity for each prefect to grow their God-given gifts.  All students active in Student Government must also be involved in Leadership Trek.

Leadership Trek

Leadership Trek develops the character and skills of a servant-leader in high school-aged students. Together, Leadership Trek and Student Government further Rocky Bayou Christian School’s commitment to fostering in students the Christian character and skills necessary to fulfill God’s calling in their lives and impact the world.  Participation in these programs is voluntary, and fees may apply.

Student leaders should demonstrate the character of a Christian servant.  They should:

  • Love God with all their hearts and their neighbors as themselves
  • Build others up in Christ-likeness
  • Speak and act truly and rightly, according to the Honor Code
  • Humbly accept the correction of peers and leaders
  • Attend church faithfully

The responsibilities of each prefect and his or her committee are real and significant.  Each student involved must:

  • Attend meetings faithfully
  • Make up work for all classes missed due to meetings or other responsibilities
  • Maintain at least a B average

In addition, students serving as prefects or chairs should:

  • Use their position to equip others, not to hold onto their own power
  • Lead other students in planning and running events
  • Delegate roles and responsibilities effectively